Youth Office Action and Scouts' Parade

The Youth Office of the City Municipality of Pantelej, with the logistic support of the Municipality, continues the volunteer action of reconstruction of sports courts and children playgrounds on the municipal territory. One of those was organized on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 from 09:30 in the courtyard of the kindergarten "Kolibri" right across the City Municipality of Pantelej's building. During the action, the volunteers of the Youth Office will freshen up the courtyard of the kindergarten by painting th

180th Anniversary of the Village School in G.Matejevac

On the occasion of the great jubilee of the Elementary School " Karadjordje" in Gornji Matejevac, one of the oldest schools on the territory of the City of Nis, the President of the City Municipality of Pantelej,Bratimir Vasiljevic and the members of the municipal management visited the school staff and attended the celebration of the 180th anniversary of this village school. In his address on behalf the municipal management, President Vasiljevic congratulated the Day of School to the teachers and the stud

Regional gathering at the Enterpreneurship Fair

In reply to the official invitation of the President of the City Municipality of Pantelej Bratimir Vasiljevic, who is the host of the upcoming Enterpreneurship Fair which will be held under the patronage of the City of Nis on May 25th-27th at the Sports Hall "Cair", the representatives of all City Municipalities in Nis and numerous municipalities from this part of Serbia visited the gathering which was organized by the City Municipality of Pantelej for the purpose of presentation of the conditions and manne

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