The Youth Office of the City Municipality of Pantelej was founded on April 9th, 2008. 

The goals of the Office are: 

  • Youth affirmation
  • Supporting the youth initiatives and youth projects
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Economic strenghtening of the youth
  • Informal youth education
  • Youth information
  • Promoting values of toleration, respect and human rights and equality
  • Prevention of the destructive behaviour in youth population
  • Promoting volunteering

The scope of activities of the Youth Office:

  • Coordination of activities on development of strategic documents of importance for youth on the municipal level
  • Organization of creative workshops on different topics, intercultural workshops and workshops for development of youth personal and social skills
  • Performs educational activities on healthy lifestyles, human rights, trafficing, gender equality, ecology as well as professional skills development education
  • Organizes different presentations of the programmes dedicated to youth
  • Organizes sports activities
  • Creates and implements other programmes, activities and projects according to the needs of youth on the territory of the City Municipality of Pantelej and in accordance with the National Youth Strategy  of the Republic of Serbia and co-operation with youth organizations and institutions. 

The team assigned to organize and implement the activities of the Youth office of the City Municipality of Pantelej is comprised of:

Miloš Vidosavljević, coordinator



Miloš Potić,



Marija Marković,