The Members of the Council of the City Municipality of Pantelej, during a session held at the City Municipality  of Pantelej, have unanimously accepted the municipal symbols proposal by the author Dragan Vidanovic. The belfry of the St.Panteleimon Church dominates the emblem of the City Municipality of Pantelej. On one side of the belfry there is the Chirst's monogram and on the other, there are the eagles from the national emblem of Serbia. 
The graphic solution of Dragan Vidanovic has fulfilled the given criteria in the best possible way among 27 proposals.

"The background of the emblem is coloured in Serbian flag colours and at the bottom of the belfry there are three grape leaves as the symbol of  viticulture characteristic of the Municipality. The symbolic connection to the City is represented by the crown and the battlements of the Fortress of Nis", explained Misa Rakocija, the President of the Committee for the emblem and symbols of the City Municipality of Pantelej.

The symbols of the City Municipality of Pantelej can be dowloaded at following links in the following formats:

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