There are five pre-shool institutions and seven primary schools on the territory of City Municipality of Pantelej. In the urban area, there are kindergartens "Kolibri", Vilin Grad" and "Bubamara". Preparatory gorups exist in the villages of Gornja Vrezina and Malca. Towards the end of 2011, a kindergarten was built in Gornji Matejevac thanks to the support of the royal family of Karadjordjevic and the British donor. The capacities of these institutions are 1000 children.


Seven primary schools work on the territory of the municipality, four in the urban area and one in Gornji Matejevac and one in Kamenica and Malca. Primary schools "Stefan Nemanja" and "Njegos" do not have branches, while the school "Miroslav Antic" has one in Donja Vrezina, while Primary School "Cegar" has branches in Gornja Vrezina and Jasenovik, Primary School "Karadjordje" form Gornji Matejevac has classes in Donji Matejevac and Knez Selo and Primary School "Stevan Sindjelic" from Kamenica has classes in Brenica and Cerje and Primary School "Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj" from Malca has classes in Vrelo, Oreovac, Pasjaca and Jasenovik. More than 4000 pupils attend these primary schools.

On the territory of the City Municipality of Pantelej, there is a school for primary educations of adults in Primary School "Njegos" which is attended by aproximately 90 adults. 

There are no secondary schools on the territory of the City Municipality of Pantelej. 

A part of educational activities of the Faculty of Arts from Nis is conducted in a space in the territory of the Municipality.